A Teachers Day of 2019. Charity Heart, Compassionate Love

Charity Heart, Compassionate Love 

Today is a Teachers Day. Wish everyone Happy Teachers Day and healthy.
No matter who they are: parents, school teachers, classmates, friends, lovers, wifes, children, workmates or enemies, all of them are our advisors and we learn lessons from them. By these lessons we make our life better.
The Jen-Ai hospital in Dali provides not only treatment and care but also the education to patients. In August and September Jen-Ai foundation joined in PGY community medical training in the hospital. There were 5 doctors from Taichung veterans general hospital and Changhua Christian hospital joining in this training.

Yesterday in the final report trainees made videos and posters to present their learning result. The empathetic and reasonable contents fulfilled our advisors and teachers.

On teachers Day we shared some trainees learning results. 6-minute-video could let you understand the cooperation between Jen-Ai hospital, department of public health and public clinic are barrier-free. Meanwhile we also interacted and communicated with basic clinics and community institutes. Jen-Ai hospital in Dali is not only a community hospital, but also a good neighbor for others. 

We hope 5 doctors still could keep their original ambitions in the future and choose their favorite speciality to bring happiness to people.

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