Community Health Construct Center

Community Health Construct Center

Da-li Community Health Construct Center

For everyone 21st of Sep, 1999 is an unforgettable day. On that day at 1:47 in the morning it was a nightmare for Taiwaneses expecially for victims living in Taichung county close to Chelungpu Fault. The "921" earthquake led to the death of almost 2 hundred people in Dali, the injury of around 3 thousand people, and complete and partial collapse of around 4700 houses. After this disaster, people were in unstably mental situation and there were many social, mental and family problems etc. For these reasons this construct center was founded by Jen-Ai foundation to gather efforts of local organizations and communities to reconstruct disaster areas and provide the mental assistance for victims so that they could relieve from the psychological trauma , rebuild up self-confidence and develop health community together

Advisors: Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare

Organizers: Jen-Ai foundation

The Community Is Constructed Healthily for Him, You and Me.

The Community Health Construct Center gathers enthusiastic people and groups by the participation of community residents to develop supportive environment, guide residents to help each other, fulfill a healhy life and construct a healthy community so that the city can become healthy

5 Methods of Community Health Construct Promotion


Establish Community Health Construct Promotion Team

Jen-Ai foundation and Da-li Jen-Ai hospital established Da-li Community Health Construct Center in 2000 for taking care the health of residents in Da-li district. For making the Community Health Construct Center to work close with the Dali district, the construct center integrated Dali administrative organ, charity assoicatios, village chiefs, neighborhood chiefs, non-governmental organizations and the media to establish a public relations commitee. They launch meeting regularly to discuss about future development and proposals, cohere a consensus of promoting community health, and make community residents join in health activities by the participantion of leaders from all walks of life for fulfilling a goal of keeping community healthy


Make Proposals About Community Health

Issues like healthily physical capability, balanced diet, the tobacco, alcohol and betel prevention, obesity prevention, hypochlorization, active aging, create sport life community, personal hygiene, safe medication, preventive health care, social special health ect.


Integration of Community Resources

Labor: recruitmentment of health care vounteers
Finance: call for fundraising from community influential people
Others: combine existing organizations & build up community interactive network


Boost the Health Consciousness of Community Residents to Join in New Healthy Life Actively


Sustainable Management

Enhance the coherence and interpersonal relationship of organization members, strenghten community supportive system, maintain organization sustainable development and make ambitions with community residents

Make Friends for the Promotion of Health

The public relations committee combines local companies of Da-li city, community associations and different resources. Hope it can save money and labor to maximize resource efficiency by mutual help. In addition, it was searching different organizations to join by launching activities. In the future it will look for more groups in cities, villages and twons around Da-li district to share differenet resources.

  • Launch Public Relations Committee Meeting.

    it integrates administrative organ, charity associations, village chiefs, neighborhood chiefs and the media through meetings to promote Da-li district and make community residents join in various activities by the participantion of leaders from all walks of life.

  • Build a Resource Connection Network

    The constuct center is regard as a platform for exchange of information to connect every association and administrative organ etc. As a resource connection network, on the website of the contrcuct center the contacts of each organization are provided to improve the information exchange between organizations and the public

The Public Relations Committee

Connect the resource network of Da-li district to promote construct center and construct community residents` health by community development mode.

Teenager Life Care Camp

By various interesting activities it makes teeangers care and pay attention to own health, have correct general knowledge about education of health, and improve the ability of self-care, self-saving and saving in emergency. We expect participants can experience caring for people and put up with life, aging, illness and death, so that they can cherish own life and health, and have ambitions of all-around education and lifelong learning

Live Happily in Da-li: Gain Muscle, Motivate Brain, Solidate Teeth.

Taiwan will enter the stage of aged society and health and subhealth population will account for up to 80% of the elderly. For the need of long-term care Jen-Ai foundation makes a program "Prevetion and Postponement of Care for the Disable" to build a sustainable and integrative community general prevention care mode, integrating teeth care, nutrition, sports, zentangle, music and nostalgias factors. With an assistance of leaders of community, groups and health-care volunteers, we expect the people, entering a stage of aging, prepare in advance and create a wonderful life with sports, talking, thinking and interaction etc.

Community Health Lectures

By launching community health lectures, we carry out community care, promote health education, boost health concepts, improve doctor-patient relationship and enhance the people`s kwowleage of diseases. Organizing lectures deepens the people`s knowledge of diseases and prevention, makes the public understand health problems, boosts the public to care and pay attention to own health so that they can manage own health on their own. In addtion, we get closer to the public by lively games and quiz contests.

Love Instead of Cancer, Cancer Prevention Health Care

Cancer is the first place of 10 top leading causes of death. Estimated 40 % of cancer can be prevented accoring to specialists` assessment. The effective cancer control includes three strategies: prevention, examination and treatment. The progress of medical technology improves the cancer treatment. The prevention is the basic way and the cancer examination is the effective way to reduce the risk of cancer and make the public health more protective. Jen-Ai foundation approches to the residents of communities to enhance the knowledge of disease examination and prevention and provide methods and content of medical services for improving self-care, knowing well about medical resources and information of various health activities.

Eat in Dali, Satisfy Spirit

We promote Da-li district by making a cuisine maps and utilizing local resources. We expect overwhelming responses through a brochure to let the local residents not only enjoy the food in Da-Li, but also feel satisfied in local, so that local street food becomes famouse and a legacy as a unresistable memories for hometown. This conception not only shows the convenience of cuisine map, local culture and custom, but also makes three generation(elderly, middle-age and teenagers) recognize the attachment for Dali district by the introduction of delicious food and tourism spots.