Introduction of Jen-Ai Volunteer Team

Since 1987 the Jen-Ai volunteer team was set up, gathering human resource to get involved in medical services, to improve the quanlity and image of services. In 1995 Da-li branch of Jen-Ai hospital started and service items were made year by year to provide the perfecter services for the clinic people

Introduction & Content of Volunteer Services

Information Desk Division

The consultation service of information desk, Assitance of registration for patients, medical assistance for the handicapped

Gate Division

Drop-off / pick-up services for patients, medical assistance for the handicapped

Medical Referral & Cancer Consultation Division

Medical referral center: guide of medical referral patients, brief paperwork

Cancer consultation center: assistance of paperwork adminitration for planners, brief consultation of cancer service

Special Support Division

Support clinical guide of patinets for service units, delivery of physical examinations, support of administration for volunteer teams and activity management, organ donation and promotion of hospice care.

Emergency Division

Provide medical assistance for ER-patinets and out-patinets, assistance of form arrangement and delivery of physical examinations.

Division of General Administration(Medical Chart, Clinical Guide)

Medical Chart: making first-visit form, delivey medical chart, assistance of second-floor clinics for patients

Clinical guide: assistance in related examinations for inpatients, assistance in clinical guide of health checkup for adults and elders.

Blood Pressure Measurement Division

Provide blood pressure measurement service and clinical guide.

Nursing Home Division

Assistance in clinical services for inpatinetsm, Presence & Care for Inpatients, and Activity management

Ward Care Division

Hospitalization for cancer patients, Care and Support for outpatients and assistance of cancer disease activity management

Taichung branch(Gate & Medical chart)

Transfer division of medical chart: assistance in transfer of medical chart and in making first-visit form.

Gate service division: clinical assistance of the handicapped and guide service of patient registration.

Hospice Mutual CareHospice Mutual Care

Presence & care for terminal disease patients and their families, assistance in simple physical care(shower, oil massage, oral care ect..)

Community Health Care DivisionCommunity Health Care Division

Assistance in community charity treatment, cancer examination, community health contruct programs and promotion of various health educations.

Volunteer Recruitment

Long-term Volunteers

  • Object: Over-16-year-old, available regularly, responsible, enthusiastic and physically capable people without mental illness and infectious disease
  • Time: Twice a year through posters or internet, but it is flexible or suspended depending on requirement.
  • Application: Download"long-term volunteer in Dali branch/Taichung branch application form " or it is available on the information desk of both of branches and after filling in form, please hand in it to volunteer supervior. The date of the interview will be arranged via phone. After interview the qualified applicants should join in orientation training and internship. The applicants, passing through internship assessment, will be official volunteers.

Short-term Student Volunteers

  • Object: senior high school students or above, available regularly, responsible, enthusiastic and physically capable without mental illness and infectious disease
  • Time: Before every summer & winter vacation prior to one month, the information will be posted on websites of Jen-Ai foundation & Jen-Ai medical foundation. It is flexible or suspended depending on the requirement.
  • Application:
    1. The applications of summer & winter short-term volunteers are done via the internet and the interview of all applicants will be held at the same time. The service time and group will be arranged on the day of interview.
    2. Please fill in "Regular Short-term volunteer application form" for regular short-term volunteers and services will be arranged by supervisors after the interview.
    3. The above services will be led by senor volunteers
  • Certificate: winter volunteers should serve at least 12 hours. Summer volunteers should serve at least 24 hours, and regular ones should serve at least 30 hours. After the fulfillment, returning internship cards, sign-in sheet and insight report of services, the service certificate will be approved