“Zhuguang”One-Day Flash Art Exhibition in 2019

There is no darkness in the world of light

The association cooperated with Luminance Art Spaceto hold the 2nd “Zhuguang”One-Day Flash Art Exhibition (an exhibition of awardedworks)in the Jen-Ai Hospital of Dali on December 23rd. there were exhibiting nearly 30 works of 14 winners on site, andphysically and mentally handicapped ended up there enriched year by the colorful and full of vitality of the creation.

In the name of "Zhuguang”(chasing light) hope that each participant break through the limitations of his physical and mental condition, strive to make his life shine, and affirm themselves and gain honor by participating in the competition. All men are created equal, but the test given by God is different. Each awardee strives to transform the life experienceinto an artistic nutrient, combined with family love, support and tolerance.The audience can see their life story through there works and witness together the unique brilliance of the creators.

Luminance Art Space is a public welfare exhibition platform built by the Taiwan Art Development Association for the Disabled. Since its establishment in 2010, it has been being dedicated to promoting special creators, so that the public can see their artistic talents and ability. The association regularly organizes contests to awardpotentially special artists. Afterwards, it organizes a long-term cultivatingplan to provide appropriate exhibition and promotion opportunities according to the status of each winner. Each winners` own life experience, physical and mental appearance are different, but because of the passion for creation, everyone is able to break through the limitations and express themselves bravely. Through the joint exhibition, the energy of creation is brought together, and this warmth is passed to all viewers.

On this one-day flash art exhibition, held inJen-Ai Hospital of Dali, works were displayed in the hospital lobby and there were broadcasting videos of awardees and associations. Through paintingspatients and families are inspired by the energy of art. The organizer also specially prepared postcards for visitors to write on the spot, and will send them on behalf of them, letting the warmth of the handwriting pass the blessings to the loved onesand jointly wish a happy New Year 2020!

Thanks to TBC Audio News, Yahoo News, TaiwanHot media for reporting.