2020 Help the Elderly, Deliver New Year Dishes

Love helping the elderly, delivering New Year dishes

Grandpa Zeng is 83 years old and lives alone in an old bungalow in a narrow lane beside the river embankment“Rixinli”inDali District. The bungalow is small and there is limited activity space with only one TV and refrigerator. Grandpa Zeng suffers from hypertension.The frequent asthma attacks, in particular during the season change, making the blood pressure easily increased, and the gastrointestinal tract is not good neither. Many years ago he had a surgery making the body weaker and weaker. Now he rarely goes out. Grandpa Zeng has no children and his older brother and sister have passed away. Every year when the festival comes, there is a lack of a reunion atmosphere. Through the help and care fromHuashan Foundation, referred by Dali District Office, Grandpa Zeng can feel the warmth of the society and the festive atmosphere.
In addition to serving the public in the medical profession, Jen-Ai Hospital also fulfillsobligations of its social responsibility. Invite the staff in the hospital to join in the grand celebration and launchthe subscription of New Year dishes, which attracted many people to react. This year a total 858 units of New Year dishes of the Huashan Foundation were subscribed, so that the vulnerable solitary elders could feel New Year atmosphere well.

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Thanks to Taichung News, PeoPo Citizen Journalism, China Times, NewsSina, Commercial Times, and Jen-Ai Hospital media for reporting.