🏋️‍♀️The 2nd Annual Walk for Patient safety🏋️‍♀️ in 2021 

The 2nd Annual Walk for Patient safety

In response to World Patient Safety Day on September 17, the "Walk for Patient Safety in 2021"started when the night fell, at the Citizens’ Plaza, Taichung. The topic this year is “Safe Maternal and Newborn Care”and sub-topic is“Health Worker Safety is Patient Safety”. By lighting the lanterns, we call on all walks of life to pay attention to patient safety in order to speaking out to the world and increasing the international visibility of Taiwan's "anti-epidemic success" and "valuing patient safety".

🔸The light-up event this year again gathered people from various groups in the industry, government, and academia related to medical care. With the matching of TPSCC, a total of 33 medical groups participated in the grand event. Participants arranged together in the shape of Taiwan on the grass. When the lighting ceremony started, everyone turned on the flashlight function of their mobile phones, and then the sky lanterns rose up, symbolizing "Back to zero, and praying for Taiwan." At the same time, camera drones were used to capture the tremendous moment. There were some local meal supply stations and patient safety promotion booths for people toknow more about the importance of patient safety. The event ended successfully at 7:30, hoping to express the gratitude to the medical faculty, and also let the world see Taiwan !

Special thanks to Taichung News, PChome News, Taiwan News, Sina News, Nan Hua Times, 17 News, CoverNews, Keng Sheng Daily News and other media for reporting
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