Let the New Year dishes Filled With Love

The 3rd benevolence caring for the elderly
The pace of the New Year is getting closer.

Jen-Ai Foundation invites again employees and relatives of our two branchestogether to support the subscription campaign for the vulnerable solitary elders, so thatthey can feel the New Year. atmosphere.

In addition to continuing to support the Huashan Foundation (Dali, Wufeng, Taiping, Wuri, and Central- Western District), the Jen-AiFoundation this year will extend the donationservice to the elderly, servedbythe Ganlin Foundation in Taichung City. We expect to pass our warmth and enthusiasm to more elderly in the community. Two yearsago the amount of elders receiving the donation from hospital colleagues and their families increased from 500 to 700. This will be a unique act in the central region. In addition to serving the people in the medical profession, the Jen-Ai Hospitalis obligated to take responsibility for society.

The Jen-Ai Foundation sincerely invites everyone to join us again
The donation amount is based on units of 100NTD.
Two hundred is not less, but six hundred will be better.
Many a little makes a mickle. There is no limit in love. 

Subscription Date
From now until December 9, 2019 (Mon)
New Year Dish deliveryDate: Mid-January,2020
Donation Method:
(1) Fill Out the Subscription Form (Individual Subscription, Joint Subscription) Download the Subscription Form
(2) Choose
Plan A: By Cash: (Donation receipt is issued this month)
Plan B: Deduction fromEmployee Salary(from salary of December, 2019 and the receipt will be issued in January 2020)
(3) Submit the subscription form and donation to the social work section.

Contact: social worker Miss Li, Extension: 11402, 12456