“Zhuguang”One-Day Flash Art Exhibition in 2019

“Zhu”means pursuing. “Guang” means honor, bright and positive energy

In order to thank Jen-Ai Hospital for supporting this charity event, and hope to achieve the goal of combing life and art together, we specially plan to bring selected works to Dali Jen-Ai Hospital for a one-day flash exhibition and short documentaries of exhibition artistswill be broadcastedon screen wall on the first floor of Jen-Ai Hospitalso that more people canget close contact with the works experiencing the unique value of the works of art through hearing and vision, and enrich the internal rational knowledge and perceptual aesthetic appreciation of art.

Exhibition Name:“Zhuguang”One-Day Flash Art Exhibition
Date of Exhibition: AM 10:00 ─ PM 16:00, December 23, 2019 (Mon)
Location: Public Space Hallon the First Floor of Jen-Ai Dali Hospital in Dali, Taichung City
Exhibition works: Expected to Exhibit 30 Selected Works of 10 Artists.

Sincerely invite the people to the exhibition together and feel the vitality, enthusiasm and professionalism of these physically and mentally disabled fighters.