Nursing Home - Music Therapy Course in 2020 [A Music Class Belonging to the Elders]

A music class belonging to the elders, let`s start the class!

In addition to continuing to care about the lives of elders in the community, the Jen-Ai Foundation also notices the mental needs of disabled elders and hopes to use music as a therapy activity.
It is expected that through activities the sensory stimulation and self-confidence of the elders,who live in nursing home, will be improved, and the ability of mutual communication and social interaction will be promoted.

We will specially invite professional teachers of music therapy from 10 am to 11 am every Thursday from February to May 2020 atnursing home, attached to Quansheng Medical Building in Renai, Dali,to lead the elders to revitalize the body and mind, sing and dance together.