Walk for Patient Safety and Light UP the Opera House in Orange in 2020

Walk for Patient Safety and Light UP the Opera House in Orange in 2020

The organizer of this event, "Taiwan Patient Safety Culture Club" (Taiwan Patient Safety Culture Club, TPSCC), is a Taiwanese partner of "Patient Safety Movement Foundation" (PSMF) and the first charity groupsthat have successfully joined the movement in Taiwan. The purpose of this walking activity is to gather people from various groups, government and academia related to health care. With the help of the Taiwan Patient Safety Promotion Association, we hope to enhancethe international visibility of Taiwan about "Successful Anti-epidemic" and "Patient Safety Emphasis" and speak to the world.

🔸Date: 17th, September, 2020 (Thursday) from 17:00 to 20:00
🔸Location: Outdoor Square of National Taichung Theater

🔸Related organizations
Adviser: Hospital Social Welfare Organizations Administration Commission, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Health Bureau of Taichung City Government, Sports Bureau of Taichung City Government.
Organizer: Taichung Private Jen-Ai Foundation/Taiwan Patient Safety Culture Club, TPSCC)
Implementer: BonnyGo Sports Service Website
Co-organizers: Dali Jen-Ai Hospital, Joint Commission of Taiwan, Taichung Veterans General Hospital, Changhua Christian Hospital, Taiwan Healthcare Quality Association, Chung ShanMedical University Hospital, Legislator He Xinchun Service Office,North District Sports Association of Taichung City, Taichung City Beitun District Sports Association

Medical staff at all hospitals of Taiwan , volunteers, care-related workersand the general public, that are over 12 years old,can sign up for the event. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by adult friends to join.
[Participants under the age of 18 are allowed by onlyproviding the consent form signed by their parents . 】

🔸Activity content:
Theme color of the event: This event will use the "orange" designated by the WHO as the representative color of the event. People will be invited to participate, wearing orange clothes, in the walking activity on the day of the event.
Public welfare walking activities: Through urban walking, slogans and other methods, the public will realize the importance of safe care for patients.
Light up the lamps together on the venue : through the participants sharing the orange lights, matching lighting design on venue we will convey the concept of the event.
Light and shadow projection on the outdoor square of the theater: The concept and theme of the event will be projected on the outdoor squareof the National Theater, a famous landmark in Taichung City, by means of light and shadow projection.
Meal supply station: In order to supplement the physical strength of the participants, a meal supply station will be set up in the event venue for participants to exchange meals, which can also increase the diversityof the event.
Set up information promotion booths: we will Proactively provide relevant patient safety care information and answers, and strengthen theme promotion and health-related information.

🔸Route description:
Taichung NationalTheater~Turn right on Shizheng North 2nd Road~Turn right on ChaofuRoad~MaplePark~Turn right on Section 3 of Taiwan Blvd~Turn right on Section 1 of HuizhongRoad~Turn right on Shizheng North 5th Road~Taichung National Theater (full journey About 3KM)

🔸Activities and fees:
Medical institution group: 100 NTD/person (maximum: 500 persons)
People identification group: 200 yuan/person (maximum: 100 people)
People Enthusiasm Group: Free (maximum: 600 people) due to the system, there will be shipment charges ~ please do not pay.

🔸Registration Instructions
Registration date: from now until 31st ,August, 2020; Deadline for payment
Registration method: Only online registration isallowed, all registrations are made through BonnyGosport service website.
Payment method: please click/website link

For other detailed registration information and inquiries about registration progress, please link to BonnyGo's Sports Service website