The 2nd Annual Walk for Patient safety🏋️‍♀️in 2021

The 2nd Annual Walk for Patient safety🏋️in 2021

【Walk for Patient safety】 was held by Taiwan Patient Safety Culture Club(TPSCC), Patient Safety Movement Foundation(PSMF), and other cities around the world to respond to the WHO.The purpose of the activity is to gather people with lofty ideals from medical care-related groups, with the help of Taiwan Patient Safety Culture Club, through the walking and lighting up activities,to speak out to the worldand increase the international visibility of Taiwan’s "anti-epidemic success" and "emphasis on patient safety.
🔸Topic: Safe Maternal and Newborn Care
🔸Sub-topic: Health Worker Safety is Patient Safety

Registration date: September 10th to September 16th.
Registration fee and gifts: The registration fee is 200 NTD per person. The organizer will present commemorative shirts, masks, fans, hand sanitizer, and three kinds of boxed meal.
※Meal coupon redemption time: 18:30~19:30. Applicants are requested to pick up and bring back the mealwithin serving time. It is not allowed to eat on site.
Registration method: Online registration only. Please visit the BonnyGo sports service website and log in to the event registration system to register.
Video Review-2020“Walk for Patient Safety and Lighting up Activity