Christmas Ward Care Activity in 2019

Christmas Ward Care

The Ward Care Team of the Jen-AiVolunteer Team has been launching the "Christmas Ward Care Activity" inJen-Ai Hospital in Dali since 1999. On the eve of Christmas Day we bring cards and gifts to express greetings and blessings on behalf of the Jen-Ai Foundation and Jen-Ai Hospital, creating a warm atmosphere , so that patients and their families can feel warm and blessed. In addition, there are brilliant music performances in nursing homes and halls and by check-in location and message activities it increased the amount of people to join.

Activity advantages
1. Activity was designed to get patients` family touched through delivering the joy and warmth of the festival when visiting wards. Most of the family members of the patients responded positively to the event.
2. Musical performances can sooth people's mind and body and make them enjoy the happy atmosphere of Christmas.