TheFourth Volunteer Training and Volunteer Recognition in 2019

Volunteer recognition eventand the fourth on-the-jobtraining

At the Annual Volunteer RecognitionEvent outstanding volunteers were praised to enhance the volunteer's sense of identification with the hospital, strengthen the enthusiasm for service. In addition,we also conducted cadre re-election and replacement to bring vitality and new atmosphere to the volunteer team.

In the second stage of on-the-job training, the consultant psychologist was invited to startspiritual growth courses for volunteers, telling about service mannersproperly and improving the service quality of volunteers. In the process of the activity, mutual support and experience sharing among volunteers helped increase the emotional connection between volunteers.

Activity advantages
1. Invited volunteers from the community health team and ward care team to bring two performances, and well-prepared for dances and makingthe atmosphere alive.
2. The instructor`steaching methodof the on-the-job training course brings new knowledge to volunteers in a simple and easily understanding way.