The Second Volunteer Training Course in 2021

The Second Volunteer Training Course

❤️To strengthen the quality of volunteer service through professional courses, we invited associate professor   ChenMeizhi, department of social work, Asia University, to teach volunteers about the disabled and relative service. Through the exchange of professional knowledge, the volunteers can know more about the physical and mental needs of patients what services can they offer for the disabled. In the training course, volunteers can communicate with partners, introduce new members, and share service experience. That is the purpose of this course, to improve the serving efficiency and establish the volunteers❤️ sense of accomplishment.

🔸In response to the anti-epidemic regulations, indoor gatherings should not exceed 80 people. The training was conducted in groups. 77 volunteers from service units (service counter, gate, general, blood pressure, cancer transfer, emergency, special support, new volunteers) were in the lecture hall , while 58 form service units (Taichung Campus, Nursing Home, Palliative Care, Community, Ward Care) took video lesson in the teaching classroom.